Hay's Security offer the following services

Static Guard -

Having on site static guards increases the security for your business or building site available day and night, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Crowd Control -

Make sure your functions and events are looked after by licensed Crowd Controllers, stop gate crashes turning up uninvited,

stop damage to your property, Having a visual security presence greatly reduces the risk of unwanted potential security issues from arising.

Patrol Services -

Hay’s Security can provide your business or private residents with a mobile patrol service maintaining a security presence will help reduce

theft or break in from your property, as well as minimise any risk of property damage.

Hay’s Security Services can provide short term patrol services for residential properties.

This service is great for holiday periods, or for those people regularly on business trips or away from home,

maintain a security presence on your property.

V.I.P. Services -

Make sure your Important guests are looked after with our V.I.P. services

Hotel Security -

Provide a safe environment for your guests and staff

Residential Security -

Rest assured your home is secure while away on holiday or away on business

Staff Welfare Checks -

Our team can make welfare checks on regular basis with your staff working late or on their own, we can do this in 2 ways,

either by calling them, or by making a physical check.

Loss Prevention Officers -

Loss Prevention officers can help to reduce the amount of goods going missing from your site, store, or business,

you can choose to have uniformed guards to give the visual presence of guards being around, or you can opt for the plain clothes officers,

which ever you think would suit your business best, having loss prevention officers in your site reduces security issues by 40-60%.


Hay's Security Services provides the following services for your convenience:

l unarmed security officers are available, at cost effective hourly rates (mininum 4 hour charge)

l Our upper management will oversee your property, at no additional cost to you, for one month or longer.

l Monthly management staff meetings to discuss strategies, policies, and procedure changes and implement them swiftly to your security team

l Replacement of any guards after being notified of a problem or emergency within 90 minutes at the management’s discretion

l Provide services for a 30-day trial basis before you commit to a contract (normal price will be applicable, for the 30-day trial)

l NO LONG TERM LOCK IN CONTRACTS (We offer 4 types of contracts, the longer our services are required the cheaper the rates, We offer a 6 month, a 12 month, a 24 month, and a 36 month contract.

*We Can also offer a NO contract period for residential services* (Please note: No contract service are charged at a higher rate then contract periods

l We can provide short term and long term C.C.T.V. systems.

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